BlackSwan titan

BlackSwan’s big data powerhouse, powering our O&O ventures, as well as a network of strategic partners and other 3rd parties.


A leader in e-commerce monetization, ShopperBuzz Powers niche specific comparison shopping portals that include product reviews and other 3rd party validation mechanisms to provide consumers with a holistic view of their product shopping research. ShopperBuzz has been successfully spun out of BlackSwan and operates as its own corporate entity.


EverCore provides software brands with a protected ecosystem in which apps can thrive. Launched as division within BlackSwan, EverCore is a foundational platform for software monetization and distribution.


Slated for release in 2019, Payron will offer businesses and consumers a refined wallet to check-out BlockChain payment solution.

Saver, Inc.

Saver Inc focuses on the development, launch and distribution of user-centric shopping applications. Saver leverages BlackSwan Technologies to drive maximal savings for customers across the world.